Using a software



Using a software tool to create a WBS is a needed skill in business- In this exercise, your group will analyze the General Aviation Hangar Restoration case
study and utilize MS Project, Word or Excel to create the deliverables for this activity.
To view your groups, review this Canvas Guide-
FlourisBook-jpgAccess the ebook Aviation Project Management (Links to an external site-)Links to an external site- (Flouris & Lock, 2008) through the ERAU


Read the case study, General Aviation Hangar RestorationPreview the documentwa in a new window, pages 128-133- (ebrary page 147)
Answer all of the questions-
To help you get up to speed there are several resources available to you-
Use the book’s appendix for a quick overview of working with resources-
Microsoft Project Appendix (PPTPreview the documentwa in a new window) (PDFPreview the documentwa in a new window)
Use the Microsoft Project 2013 course book from the syllabus for a step by step how to guide-
You can also find several MS Project free training video tutorials in Lynda, available to you free and on-line though ERNIE-
Log into ERNIE
Select the Software tab at the top right of the screen
Choose Lydna-com icon-
Search for “Microsoft Project”
Practical Exercise:
Create a project plan using the Project Plan Template (-docx) that includes:
project definition
estimated budget
project duration

2- Create a schedule (WBS) for this project using MS Project, Word or Excel as per syllabus guideline-

3- Identify at least 4 additional activities your group would use to manage the project-

4- Assign recourses, estimate costs and duration-

5- Figure 7-11 is the activity list for this project-
Once you have completed the schedule, answer the following questions:
Did your team stay within Scope, Time and Costs of the case study?
Did you break down the costs between people and materials? Why or why not?