‘using marketing stimuli to move the consumer along the buyer decision process to final purchase.’

The following post has four assignments namely;

1.‘using marketing stimuli to move the consumer along the buyer decision process to final purchase.’

Choose a tourism company. Ensure that you can find information about what product/service the company sells, at what price, what distribution channels and promotional strategies it uses. You should also be able to identify typical customers targeted by this company.You should profile and identify the characteristics of the company’s consumers and outline their behavior. Identify the range of influences affecting these consumers. Examine the role of the company’s marketing mix strategies in the consumer’s decision-making.

2.President closing speech

PREPARE President closing speech during Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Things to include in the speech:
• What I have learned during my time as president (even though there’s many up and down where I need to sacrifice time n effort/but I have learned a lot improve my soft skills, leadership and communication skills. Get to know many contacts, confidence level
• Thank you to the team (for their hard work throughout the year, support)
• Thank you to mentor
• Speech for stepping down as president for this year (my time as president is over, I will pass this to new committee)
• Advice to next committee of the club (improve internal & external problem between club), Good relationship between club

3.The role of fair value accounting

Critically review the debate about the role of fair value accounting in the 2007/8 global financial crisis

4.Related Rates and Derivatives in the Real World

1.) What is an industry or profession that interests you? Does this profession outwardly use
mathematics to solve daily problems? Give a brief introduction to these problems and
why they are necessary to solve.
2.) Is there some sort of optimization or rate of change problem these professionals face that
can be solved through Calculus? How would these problems be set up algebraically?
What are the units of each variable involved?
3.) Set up and solve 2 problems with realistic values pertaining to these aforementioned
problems (you do not have to type these but you can). You must take the derivative and
compare two different rates of change in at least 1 of these problems. Explain what the
solution of each problem means in human language and why the result is importan