Using prose structure when reading

Subject is Educational Psychology For this assignment, you will prepare a brief guide for parents/guardians about one topic discussed in chapter 3 learning to read for comprehension (Richard E Mayer Learning & Instruction) ; this will involve information about learning and instruction for a particular subject area. Your goal is to explain the theory, research findings, and/or principles of instruction in a way that is clear, accessible, and comprehensible to an educated parent who is not knowledgeable about educational psychology. You may design the guide to 1) teach parents how to interact with their child to promote learning of the relevant subject matter; 2) explain why the child’s teachers use certain instructional approaches (assume that suggested approaches are in fact used in the child’s school); or 3) explain the challenges students face when learning that subject matter, and how they typically develop their skills and knowledge as their expertise in the subject grows. Be clear and use concrete language when writing the guide. Include examples to clarify terms, concepts, and practices. Avoid or translate jargon (technical language). Do not refer to your textbook as a student would (e.g., in the textbook it states that . . .); rather, write as if you are an educational psychologist writing for a general audience.