Using the CLI-Systems and the Command Line

Using the CLI-Systems and the Command Line

Project description
I am currently in the first year of a foundation degree in computer technology.

I am required to complete an assignment about the Bash Command Line/Linux and to implement a range of commands and scripts. In particular I am required to:

1. Use a range of CLI utilities and applications-the more the better!;

2. Write CLI scripts for specified purposes (more information outlined in the assignment brief).

Assignment Brief
The assignment requires you to produce a written report documenting your skills in manipulating a computer system through the command line.  Screenshots should be used where appropriate.

1)    Demonstrate a range of CLI utilities and applications.
Draw on your own work to present and explain relevant examples.
•    print disk usage; file compression & extraction;editing text;
use of pipes;pattern matching (grep); stream editor (sed)]

Additional credit will be given for the appropriate use of a range of the options available in each utility / application.

1)    Develop CLI scripts for the following:
a.    Print, on the screen, details of the current system.
[eg computer name, kernel version, uptime, free disk space, network details ….. ]
Implement at least 2 options to determine how much detail is given
( e.g. all, summary).
b.    Convert a measurement from one unit to another (in either direction).
[e.g.  cm -> in.  and  in. -> cm]
Use an option to specify the unit for the input  number
Include an option to print a conversion table
[e.g.   1cm = 0.39 in., 2 cm =0.79 in. …. 10cm = 3.94 in.]

(Ensure that they are fully documented with commented source code and screenshots showing the successful use of the scripts)

•    Develop your script for 2b to include a wide range of scripting techniques used in appropriate ways.
[e.g.   loops, switch, user interaction during script execution]

You could allow for the conversion of a wider range of units.

•    Evaluate the use of CLI scripts in modern computer systems using specific examples where possible.
You could consider both Windows and Linux systems.