Value categories

Value categories
view the Tony Porter TED Talks lecture at least three times before class on Thursday, visit the following sites/blogs, and answer the following questions in your notebooks. Come to class prepared to discuss your responses.

1. Which of the following value categories, Race, Religion/Faith, Culture/Ethnicity, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Nationality, Social Class, do you would be in Tony Porter’s top three? Summarize Tony Porter’s lecture in five to ten sentences.
1. How do the Discussion Forum and other web-content you have read and viewed relate to the themes being presented in this class regarding values, value judgments, perspective, social construction, and identity?

2. Do you agree with any of the assertions made in the TED Discussion Forum? How about the other web-content or Lectures? Give specific examples from each to support your response.

3. Have you ever experienced sexism or bigotry, or do you know anyone who has experienced sexism or bigotry? Please give a brief narrative (tell the story). Did the experience affect your values, value judgments or perspective? Explain how and why. If you do not believe that you have ever experienced sexism or bigotry, explain why you think that is the case.

4. Based on what you have read and viewed so far, give a working definition of sexism. Are you a sexist? Are you a bigot? Describe why you believe that you are or are not a sexist or a bigot. USE SPECIFIC EXAMPLES Please!