Value Curve for Your Business Model Requirements.

Prepare a summary of your Part 1 written analysis in consideration for your post discussion (a minimum of 150 and maximum of 250 words paragraph for each discussion question)

Introduction: Introduce your topic of discussion
Make sure your post includes a contextual analysis to the course
Comparison of other industry situations of similar nature add to the discussion topic
Recommendations of future actions you would recommend
Add any additional questions that arose from your research and course reading
List any APA research that supports your discussion of the topic
Upload your post into Blackboard.P
Part 1. Answer the following questions: (limit your answers for Q1-4 to one or two paragraphs of at least 150 words and maximum 250 words for each question listed below)
Q1. Chapter 4 Affiliate Marketing: What are the things that you need to look at if you are using an affiliate network?

Q2. Chapter 5 Search Engine marketing: Evaluate the list of pros and cons for SEM. Describe in your own words why you think it may be important to use both parts of SEM. What may happen if you only use PPC? Or only SEO?

Q3. Chapter 6 Search Engine Optimization: Can you identify a few examples where content has been optimized? This question relates to the section in this chapter related to Optimizing Content for Key Phrases (Review the website Momofuko Noodle Bar in Toronto

Q4. Chapter 7 Pay Per Click Advertising: What is the difference between display URL and the landing page URL and what is the function of each?

Part 2. Create a Value Curve for your NEW restaurant

Based on your questions and hypothetical answers in Week 2 assignment

(Email market research campaign) create a value curve for your NEW restaurant.

• Note: Use your excel Marketing Strategy Canvas tool to create the Value Curve for your NEW restaurant. The resulting value curve to be overlaid on the other three curves (your competitors).

• Cut and paste your value curve into your assignment post as a visual to support your written discussion.