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Watch movie: Interview with the Vampire (1994) and read book: The Vampire Lestat (by Anne Rice). Do some search about author Anne Rice.

Choose one character, Lestat, Louis, Claudia or Armand from the movie. How is this a compelling character? What about them might be inspiring to ‘real’ vamps? How did the character change between Interview(the movie) and Lestat(the book)? (you only need refer to the first half of Lestat if that is all you read so far, but please do refer to the film). In what manner does this character appeal or have relevance to people in modern American society. Which of these behaviors and beliefs echo or contrast with Anne Rice’s stated perspectives on life? Could any of the characters from Twilight, Dracula, Carmilla or Buffy fit into an Anne Rice novel? Why or why not? (Just choose one of those works to discuss) Also, If you had to describe Rice’s vampires, how would you do it to someone who has not read this book?