Velocity, acceleration, drag, pressure and density.

The following post has three assignments namely;

1.velocity, acceleration, drag, pressure and density.

Define the following quantities in terms of mass, length and time and hence determine their dimensions: velocity; acceleration; drag; pressure; density. Use these to argue the case for drag at the sea-bed exhibiting a quadratic dependence upon the speed of a current just adjacent to the sea-bed.

2.Reporting Statistical Test

R?porting Statistical Tests in APA Format
Search the Internet for the term “Reporting Results of Common Statistical Tests
Review the information ?ou find for Reporting Results of Common Statistical Tests. Identif? a peer-reviewed journal in which you could publish the results of your mock study.
Use published research articles from this journal as examples to write up the results of your mock study.
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word report

3.Community Prevention Project

Review your state public health department and environmental quality departments online to identify vector-related diseases affecting your community.
In a report format of 1,250-1,500 words, address the following:
1. Describe the health concerns of the community.
2. Identify current environmental risk assessment methods which apply to public health issues.
3. Suggest a modifier or new prevention or intervention program based on your research.
4. Create a sample program budget.
5. Complete a SWOT analysis of the proposed program.