Vermeer and Music

Research and essay
Google Arts & Culture
Vermeer and Musicians
The Baroque Era
Basso continue

  1. Choose one of the 12 paintings in the Google Arts & Culture
    Vermeer and Music web page and paste the image to your paper
    My favorites are the “Guitar Player”, (not shown in the collection) and also “The Concert”
    In the painting “The Concert” the typical instruments of the Basso Continuo section are depicted –
    harpsichord, lute and viola da gamba
  2. Find one of each of the following genres written for the instrument or instruments depicted in the painting
    composed close to the date of Vermeer’s painting or from the Baroque Era.
    Solo Concerto
    Concerto grosso
    3/26/2019 Final – Vermeer and Music 2/3
  3. Find a recording or video on YouTube of each work and add a link.
    The virginal is basically an upright harpsichord so you my treat as so.
  4. For one of these works find a primary source on A manuscript is preferred or first edition.
    Download and paste a title page of or first page of music into your paper.
    Here is a link to imslp and an example.
  5. Define Basso Continuo
  6. What are the differences and similarities of the bass viola da gamba and the cello?
    The Handel and Corelli concerti grossi performed on the Chamber Orchestra concert had a basso continuo
    section. I would expect you to write about this in your concert reports. It is part of the style and
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