Vice Movie Critical Essay

In one review of the movie Vice, the author argues that -Vice doesn’t want to humanize Dick Cheney. So instead, it (maybe) demonizes America.” Your question: To what extent does Adam tvIcKay (the director) portray Vice President Cheney as evil and America as a corrupted global hegemon, In your essay, show how McKay presents Dick Cheney as an evil politician and America as a politically/morally/ethically corrupted country, and discuss whether you think he is successful in conveying the idea that the U.S. politics is all about power Structuring Your Essay: This is a critical evaluation of a piece of media, therefore it should take the structure of a critical essay: Introduction, three , (3) body paragraphs, conclusion. Start with introduction that includes the question, the name of the film and the director and have a statement of what you intend to show. Remember — don’t start it like “In this essay I am going to …”. This is weak.