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First half page please watch this video and write discussion post about it some feedbacks, comments, ideas, interesting things about it etc. it need to be conversational to interest people to want to respond to the post.
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Second half answer questions 1,2amd 3 below on second half no need to write down the questions just the answers to the questions.

Practical Application: Sustainability

  1. Use the People/Planets/Profits model to identify what is within your sphere of influence in each of those different areas and how can you work towards improving your own performance in those areas. Present a model which breaks down things in your control regarding each of those three areas.
  2. Choose one specific thing in each of those three areas that you can do to improve. What is that thing for each option?
  3. Develop a more developed implementation strategy for one of those three things. What are some immediate steps you can take? What are more long-term actions that you could take?