video FBI-Shattered Shield

The following post has three assignments namely; FBI-Shattered Shield

1. Compare and contrast the “Rotten Barrel” Response models. Which model provides the most transparency gives the public the most assurance that police officers are conducting police business with professionalism and integrity?
2. Which model provides police officers under investigation the fairest form of due process?

2.Drama response to Fences by August Wilson

Read the drama ?Fences? by August Wilson(uploaded down bellow), then watch these 2 key scenes and use your response to compare READING those scenes vs. WATCHING them:

3.CIPD Profession Map

Briefly summarise the CIPD Profession Map I.e the 2 core professional areas, the specialist professional areas, the bands and behaviours. Comment on the activities and knowledge specified within any 1 professional area, at either band 1 or 2, identifying those you consider most essential to my own HR role