Video Interviewing

Explain your current situation (Word limit 50)

  • I have left my current Job at HSBC to focus on my own + my family business.
  • Currently I have the following to look at
    o Family business: National Pioneers Company “ NPC” as shareholder and deputy CEO. NPC is a diverse business group and has created successful businesses in marine, security and general contracting services.
    o Personal Business:
     1- Bastoogg, Cofounder. Quick-serve Restaurant.
     2- Creative Horizons (IT company), Founder and CEO. CH in partnership with Kanoo Elite Company, Bahrain. Our services includes Business Transformation , Business Solution, Information Security and Privacy, Managed Services.
     3- A Video Interviewing Platform, development stage
     4- A functional training studio franchise, negotiation Stage

What skills and experience do you think you already possess that will help you with your post MBA career plans and will make you stand out in front of potential employers? (Word limit 100)

Given that my plan is to continue my own ventures, I am not looking to get employed post MBA. I believe that I possess few entrepreneurship qualities which if improve I would reach my goals. 1- Persistence is an iron quality of a character. I state in advance that I will never give up, no matter what happens. The courage to persist in the face of adversity and disappointment is the one quality that, more than anything, will guarantee my success. 2- self-discipline, I discipline myself to do what I should do whether I feel like it or not. Because I realize that this is the price I must pay for the success I aim for.

What is your plan B if you are not able to secure your ideal job post MBA? (Word limit 50)

If I fail to hit my original target, which is brining all my current ventures to success. I would look for a career change from financial services to consulting. Their I would learn more about issues and challenges that other businesses are facing. Hence, sharpen my problem solving and strategy formation skills.

Describe a situation in which you failed as a leader. What did you learn from it? (Word limit 300)

When I was asked by CEO of the family business to oversee the business and look for ways to increase profitability. I noticed that although we have been in business for more than 40 years and we know we make money at the end of the month but we’re not sure which jobs/projects/products are losing money and which are making money. I realized that efficiency in the company is key problematic issue and it needs resolution jointly with profitability.


I immediately researched for an ERP , with adequate level of consultation with departments heads – 5 managers and total staff is 150 – about key requirements. I hired an ERP consulting company to implement the necessary modules.

We are crossing three months late for a four months project without reaching 50% completion and integration between modules. The fundamental problem that the employees are resisting the change. Making the ERP consultant job extremely difficult due to lack of data and buy-in from staff.


Is there any additional information that is critical for the Admissions Committee which has not been covered elsewhere in this application? (i.e. re-application, health, grades, etc.) (Word limit 50)

How do you intend to finance your MBA at IMD? How much of your total budget estimate will you be able to provide without loans or scholarships? (Word limit 50)

Self-funding and family support for the full program. I will also apply for scholarship

What other programs are you applying to? Of the programs you are applying to, what can IMD bring to you as a differentiator? (Word limit 100)

  • Appling to IMD , Insead and IE. I want to start in January 2020
  • Although B-schools tends to provide similar core courses covering management, finance and leadership, etc. IMD is integrating Entrepreneurship into the core curriculum, not as an elective.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset together with leadership , give the skill set to become more effective and successful leader.
  • I believe I am good manager when it comes in organizing and coordinating, however I still have room to improve my leadership skills such as inspiring and co-creating