Violence and the media

Do you feel that the media influences violence? Include examples to support your stance. (Slide 2)
What is meant by living in a “culture of violence”? (Slide 3)
Define deviance. Is violence seen as deviant in our American society? Why/Why not? (Slide 4)
Define labeling theory. Does this apply to the shooters at Columbine? Why/Why not? (Slide 5)
What are formal and informal social controls? Do these “work” to stop violence? Why/Why not? (Slide 6)
What is stratification? Do economic factors influence our likelihood of violence? Why/Why not? (Slide 7)
Research and share three statistics you found on violence. (Slide 8)
What is censorship? Should media outlets increase censorship of violence? Why/Why not? (Slide 9)
In your opinion, what can be done to reduce violence in the United States? Is this a global issue or one centered in the US? (Slide 10)