Virtual Field Trip

Virtual Field Trip
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1. Interest Group 2. Political Party 3. Bureaucratic Agency (Gov. Agency)
Our class website provides you with a list of links dealing with topics relating to the chapters we are covering. .
After briefly visiting each of these sites you will select ONE of the websites for a more in-depth investigation. After exploring enough links within that chosen site, to
ascertain what is found at that website, you should write a brief review (approximately one page,
single-space, Normal, Times New Roman 12 inch font) of the site. Be sure to describe the significance and/or
the context of the site. In completing these reviews, you might want to consider answering the following

? What is found at this website? An organization? A project? A political party? A governmental agency? A media organization?
? What are some of its main values, goals, objectives, methods, purposes?
? How is it organized?
? Who are its leaders?
? How might this site be useful in helping people who are interested in politics to gain a greater understanding of our political system and how to become more involved in the political process?
? Was there anything particularly interesting or unusual that you found at this site?
? Would you consider joining or supporting this group? Why or why not?
? Your assignment must include a works cited, listing the website you selected.