Vision of International Climate Mitigation Success

Imagine a time in the future when the people from 6 major regions of the world decide to address climate change. What do you think would be the best way to do it? What is your vision of
international success on climate mitigation?

create a single scenario that limits temperature increase to 2 degrees C (3.6 degrees F) by 2100 by changing five possible factors. Consider economic impacts, international equity, viability, and
other factors important to you as you choose your scenario.

Emissions Peak Year Reductions Begin Year Annual Reduction Rate
(%/year) Prevent Deforestation
(0-100% = max effort, zero emissions) Promote
(0-100% = max effort, zero emissions) Contribution to, or request from Green Climate Fund
($ Billion/yr)
United States
Other Developed
Other Developing

After experimentation with various scenarios, choose a single final scenario and:
1. Fill out the table above.
2. What is the “Temperature change by 2100”? And “CO2 in 2100” (measured in ppm)?
3. What about this scenario makes it the best way?
4. What would be the main arguments against your scenario from a head delegate from China, Other developing and the United States?
5. Look around at the other graphs accessible in the simulator, e.g., emissions per capita, cumulative emissions, and so on. Find another graph or dataset that illuminates another factor that you
think is important in this scenario outside the ones shown above
(temperature, CO2 concentration, regional fossil fuel emissions, and forests). What is
the variable and what does it show that is important or interesting?
6. What is one thing that would need to happen in the world over the next ten years to make this scenario come true?