Visual merchandising

Choose one retailer or brand that you would like to learn more about. Select a store that you can physically visit. Research and make a visit to the store. Make notes of the following on your visit:
Did the store’s exterior create an image? Why or why not?
What did you immediately see upon walking in to the store?
What was the overall ambience of the store?
Did the store play music?
Did it have any type of scent?
Was it easy to identify the brand image?
If yes, what made it easy to identify?
If not, how do you think it could be improved?
After the visit to the physical location, please research the other sales channels the retailer or brand is using (i.e. catalog, and website).
Does the retailer or brand have a catalog, a website, or both?
Is the brand image across the different platforms consistent?
Is the brand image clearly portrayed in the visual aspects of the store, catalog, or website? Why or why not?