Vygotsky’s explanation of the ZPD

1) Thinking about Vygotsky’s explanation of the ZPD – the distance between a child’s actual and potential intellectual, social, cognitive and emotional
development, answer the following question. How could the concept of the ZPD help teachers to lay a more child-centred basis for coherence and continuity in the
planned curriculum? (275 words)

2) To what extent could Krathwohl’s update of Bloom’s Taxonomy (Krathwohl, 2002) be helpful to teachers in improving the quality of their classroom questioning?
(275 words)

3) Please read this article: http://hepg.org/hel-home/issues/27_5/helarticle/teaching-students-to-ask-their-own-questions_507#home

To what extent do you agree that the ‘small change’ explained in this article could generate big results in your own classroom? (375 words)