Walmart-The Main Street Merchant of Doom

At our country’s inception, the belief was companies (merchants, store owners) and their employees would have nearly equal footing- The founding
fathers never conceived that entities Known as corporations would one day Wield the power they have today. This unequal power has proven
problematic and the cause of many issues
Walmart brings into view exactly What is right With corporations (being profitable for shareholders, being a good corporate citizen) but also What is
wrong with them (ethical treatment of employees-employees not paid living wage against record profits) and the possibility that laws are broken
when hourly employees are not being paid for their time-
Walmart remains a large target of critics (similar to McDonald’s) due to its sheer size- Every misstep the company makes is examined With a
magnifying glass- Their philanthropic efforts largely go unnoticed- Why? To coin a phrase, good deeds don’t sell newspapers-

Identify one issue in either ethics, corporate social responsibility, or stakeholder management as it relates to the case-