watch Video “Race and Sex What We Think”

watch Video “Race and Sex What We Think”

Journal part 1– Stereotyping Video
(When you are ready to begin typing in — or uploading to — your Journal, click the underlined title, “Reading Journal part 1 – Stereotyping” at the top of this assignment.)

We’ve been reading essays where the writer has made a general statement about a group that he or she belongs to. When you write your paper for this unit, you’ll be writing about a group you belong to, and you’ll be trying to say one “true thing” you’ve found out about that group (just as Staples, Karr, and Buczynski do in their essays).

But when does saying something about a group become stereotyping? After you watch the video, make a journal entry in which you discuss the following:

First paragraph — Provide an overall summary of the main points made in the video about stereotyping.

Second paragraph — Do you think it’s possible to say a “true” thing about a group without it being stereotyping? Do you think Staples, Karr, or Buczynski were stereotyping their groups? Give examples from the video and from the readings to explain how and why a general statement about a group becomes negative stereotyping, and when it (if ever) it is okay.

Reading Journal part 2 — Personal Reflection
(When you are ready to begin typing in — or uploading to — your Journal, click the underlined title, “Reading Journal part 2 – Personal Reflection” at the top of this assignment.)

The previous Journals that you wrote for Unit 1 were based on what you read and viewed. This journal is focused on your experiences, and it will be shared with the class.

In the first paragraph of your journal discuss some of the groups that you identify with. They may be very specific like “Cheerleaders” or “Young Republicans” but remember that there are a lot of shared groups in a person’s life:

Employees at your workplace
The group of people who enjoy the same hobby as you do: dog shows, swimming, baseball, needlepoint, watching American Idol, shopping, etc.
A group of students at Las Positas (returning students, veterans, students who really don’t want to be here, students that are focused on transferring, students working full time, etc.)
Oldest children (or middle children, or youngest children) of a family
The congregation at your church
Tall people, short people, left-handed people
Guitar players, trumpet players, soccer players, Frisbee fiends, etc.
Children of Immigrants
Divorced families
Twenty-somethings, Thirty-somethings, etc.
African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Arab-Americans, Irish American, etc.

Second Paragraph:
Can you say one “true” thing about any of these groups? If you wanted someone to really understand your group and the identity of the people in the group, what would you say?

This can be a very open-ended journal. Just get some thoughts and ideas down. (Hopefully this will also get you jump-started on some ideas for your paper.)

When you have a chance, read through some of your fellow students’ experiences and identities. You might find you are members of the same group as some of the other students, or you might find some ideas for groups that you hadn’t thought of, but might be options for a Paper subject.