Water war in California

Water war in California

Order Description

1.Choose a topic on agricultural and/or food policy area that you are interested in and write a short policy analysis on it.

2. The essay should be between 800 to 1500 words, or around 2~3 pages, excluding tables, figures and references.

3. You essay must include two clear-titled parts:
TITLE 1. Brief introduction to the topic you choose:
– What is this topic mainly about?
– What are the main debates among the public and policy makers?
– What policies have been implemented to address the issue, and – – – what policies are expected to be enacted soon (if any)?

4. TITLE 2 Analysis and policy suggestions on the issue

Analyze the problems and/or the policy debates associated with the topic you choose.
Give your own comments on it and discuss possible choices for future policy.
• E.g., you might want to discuss your argument from one or more of the following perspectives:
• What is the driving force behind the issue?
• Market instability, environmental challenge, globalization, etc.
• How can farmers and policy-makers better respond to the challenges?
• Market forces:
• How do the demand and supply curves shift due to the changes?
• If needed, how can the government use different policies to promote or counteract the shifts?
• Welfares:
• How do the existing/proposed policies affect the welfares of different groups?
• Considering the policy costs, are these policies efficient?
• Rationale for government policy
• Should the government be involved? (or, be more or less involved?) Why?
• Is the focal issue a public good / common resource / private good? Based on that, how should the government appropriately respond to it?
• The influences of politics and government constitution on agricultural policy.
• Etc.