Water, water everywhere, and its remarkable chemistry

Water, water everywhere, and its remarkable chemistry
1. Abstract (15 pts.): Summarize your paper in the most succinct manner-no more than one page
2. Introduction (15 pts.): This should include a brief history of the topic and background information.
3. Discussion: (30 pts.) (Should include but not be limited to the items below).
• Discuss the chemistry behind your topic (i.e., formulas, equations, reactions, etc.).
• Provide both sides of the issue.
• Discuss any applicable ethical issues.
• Discuss benefits, pitfalls, pros, cons, controversies, etc.
4. Conclusions (15 pts.)
• Future success, utility, practicality, etc. related to the selected topic.
• Suggestions for additional work/research.
5. References (10 pts.)
• Use between five and eight scientific publications and research articles.
6. Citations (5 pts.)
7. Presentations (10 pts.)
• You are encouraged to use Power Point (up to ten slides)
• Duration of your presentation should be between 10- 14 minutes (increase in allotted time given in previous guidance), including time for one-two questions.
Final term paper must be submitted on TURNITIN, due date November 12, 2015