Watershed Management

Choose an active Watershed Coalition or Group and review their charter, bylaws, activities, strategic plan…whatever you can find on their website, annual reports, or in other reputable literature. Do ,loV use the same coalition or group you used for Case Study 1. Present a review of your findings, using the following as headings. Format your entire paper in APA format, to include the title page, running header, margins, reference citations, etc.
Organization Details (e.g., name, location, include a map showing the watershed covered) History (e.g.; when was the organization established, by who, a. why) Current Focus to Include Primary Watershed/Environmental Issues (be specific; e.g., water quality, non-point source pollution, trash/debris, industrial chemicals) Summary of Strategic Plan or Planned Action Items to Address Issues (e.g., outreach campaign, clean ups, legislative efforts) Pa. Successes (e.g., specific projects, locations/times/involvementkampaigns) Student Learning Point (i.e., apply course content/course vocabulary to this review; identify what the organization does that relates to readings and lessons)