— Web Page Analysis


Topic: Choose a Web site (preferably one which will serve as a source for your Problem-Solution Paper) and write a 250-500 word analysis of
the site using the criteria below. Make sure to include the name and URL (Web address) of the page in your analysis.


Is the author of the page clearly identified? What are his or her credentials for writing on this topic?

Is there a link back to the organization’s (or individual’s) page or an alternative way to contact the organization and verify its
credibility? (address, phone number, e-mail)?

Purpose and Coverage

Are the purposes and objectives of the page clear?

Is the primary purpose to provide information? To sell a product? To make a political point? To have fun? To parody a person or organization
or idea?

Is it a comprehensive resource or does it focus on a narrow range of information? Is it clear about this focus?


Is the page part of an edited or peer-reviewed publication?

Can the factual information be verified through footnotes or bibliographies to other credible sources?

Based on what you already know about the subject (or have checked from other sources), does this information seem credible?

Are there obvious mistakes or misspelled words or other signs of sloppiness?


Is it clear when the information was published?

When was it last updated?

Integrity of the Information

Are the source, scope and date of any statistics clearly labeled?

Is it clear whether or not the information has been excerpted from a larger piece?

Does the page reply on photographic images to make a point? If so, be aware that digital images can be easily manipulated.

Objectivity and Point of View

Does this page display a particular bias of perspective? Is it clear and forthcoming about its view of the subject? Does it use inflammatory
or provocative language?

If the page contains advertising, are the ads clearly distinguishable from the content?