Website Construction

Website Construction

Print the following header in every page/program:

<!– ***************************************************************************************
Author : Your Name
Course : WEB-2 or WEB-3 or WEB-4
Professor : Michael Robinson
Program # : Assignment Purpose/Description
{A brief description of the program }

Due Date : MM/DD/YYYY
I hereby certify that this work is my own and none of it is the work of any other person.

……….{ your signature }……….

**************************************************************************************** –>

Submitting your program
– Print your url
– Print and submit your PHP source code only.
– Email me your public_html folder ZIPPED, please name it as required in the syllabus.
– Make sure the program is properly documented and aligned uniformally, looking professionally,
I will take points off if it not.
– Please remember how to name your program, use the subject line in your email, have your name
on the email, and always attach program NOT copy and paste.

Worth 10 points

Purpose of this program:

– In the FIU server, create a website with your topic of choice, except for:
– Politics, Religion or Sex

– Program must be done using terminal mode and editors ONLY, no IDEs or templates allowed.

– Use: HTML, tables, paragraphs, breaks, CSS, forms, and PHP

– Do at least 4 pages

– Display your name in all pages in the title section. Last Name, First Name

– Using ?data, pass data from page to page thru the URL SECTION,
and using PHP, in the receiving page display the data passed.

– Using HTML forms, pass data from page to page (NOT USING THE URL SECTION),
and using PHP, in the receiving page display the data passed.

– Add graphics in all pages

– Use multiple colors, in all pages

– Use multiple fonts and sizes, in all pages