Week 5-PART 1: Discussion – Cloud Computing and Cryptography


week 5-PART 1: Discussion – Cloud Computing and Cryptography
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Learning Objectives Covered
• CO21: Cryptography

***NO APA Format is required, but References are (URLs work well). If you use exact wording from a source, it MUST be cited!***
(39:36) Ethical Hacking: Cloud Computing | Course 18 | Module 1 | Cloud Computing Concepts (by 24×7, 2017) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaQ8pbHZ-58
After reading/reviewing course materials and watching suggested video (as above), provide a detailed technical answer. Support your answer with external research, references and examples as appropriate.
• What are security implications with the use of cloud computing?
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MAIN POST (70%): After reading course book and and conducting necessary independent research, write your summary accordingly to discussion requirements for the course. Apply APA or MLA for resource reference and in-text citations as instructed in course information standards.
COMMENTS (30%): Please, be specific in expressing your opinion and when posing additional inquiries extending the discussion. Minimum of 50 words per comments. Comments must support, engage and extend discussed topics.
Discussion Requirements

• 200-Level courses – 200 words main post plus two comments/replies 50 words each and 2 APA/MLA references

NOTE** – In rare cases some courses may have custom requirements specified in the course otherwise.
APA & MLA Help
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