What Can Nurses Do?

Unfortunately, since 1998, little has changed. For many individuals living in
impoverished underdeveloped countries, even basic medical care is difficult to obtain.
Although international agencies sponsor outreach programs and corporations, and
although nonprofit organizations donate goods and services the level of health care
remains far below what is necessary to meet the needs of struggling populations.
Polluted water supplies, unsanitary conditions, and poor nutrition only exacerbate the
poor health prevalent in these environments. Nurses working in developed nations
have many opportunities/advantages that typically are not available to those in
underdeveloped countries What can nurses do to support their international
colleagues and advocate for the poor and underserved of the world?
In this Discussion, you will consider the challenges of providing health care for the
world’s neediest citizens, as well as how nurses can advocate for these citizens.

Consider the challenges of providing health care in underdeveloped countries
Conduct research in the Walden Library and other reliable resources to determine
strategies being used to address these challenges.
Using this week’s Learning Resources, note the factors that impact the ability of
individuals in underdeveloped nations to obtain adequate health care.
Consider strategies nurses can use to advocate for health care at the global level.
What can one nurse do to make a difference.”

By Day 3

Post a description of at least two challenges related to providing adequate health care
in underdeveloped countries. Then, describe two strategies you might use to address
those challenges, and explain why. Finally, describe one strategy nurses might use in
advocating for health care at the global level, and explain why this would be an
effective strategy-