What does it mean to study Accounting & Finance ?

What does it mean to study Accounting & Finance ? Why have you chosen to study this topic at the University of Birmingham and what are your main expectations of the course ?

You work must include a bibliography and should include a reference to at least the following three articles:

Raun, D.L., 1962. What Is Accounting? The Accounting Review, 37(4), pp. 769.
CIMA (2016) What is Management Accounting. Available at: http://www.cimaglobal.com/Starting-CIMA/Why-CIMA/what-is-management-accounting
William Seal, 2015. ‘Management Accounting’, McGraw Hill Education
Each source used should be academically based and correctly referenced using the Harvard method that you have been shown. You can link to this method below;


Please note that websites are notoriously poor in terms of guaranteeing quality of information therefore I would recommend using formal academic references. You should look for additional sources that include University web pages and guides as well as academic journals and articles.

Every additional reference should add to the essay that you produce.