What influences do bonuses have on employee’s behavior and motivation?

What influences do bonuses have on employee’s behavior and motivation?

Order Description

The Research Report will include the following components:
1. Executive Summary

2. Introduction and Background

3. Research Issue

4. Research Methodology

5. Research Findings

6. Conclusions and Recommendations

7. References

Writing Style, Format, and Layout Guidelines
? The Research Report should be 6 – 10 pages in length.
o Do NOT include a cover letter and table of contents for this report.
o Include the title of the paper (research topic or question), your name,
and the date in the top center of the report, and then begin writing.
o Use Figure 13.6: Business Report with Secondary Research as a guide,

substituting the specific headings listed on the front of this outline.
? Use 1.5 times spacing and 1” margins throughout the document.

? Use 12-point font in the body of the document (with appropriate variations for headings and visuals).
o Use serif type (i.e. New Times Roman) in the body of the report.
o Use sans serif type (i.e. Calibri, Arial) in the graphs, charts, and tables.

? Include a minimum of four (4) visuals in the document. Illustrations, graphs, tables, and charts enable massive amounts of information to be presented succinctly
and professionally. Include a VARIETY of types of visuals as well. Do NOT use photographs or “clip art” for your visuals.

? Use college-level grammar and punctuation! Use a direct, professional writing style. Use appropriate business terms and language without jargon. Employ the language
and vocabulary of business.

? Use present and future tenses with active voice. Be positive and specific to convey potential success. Avoid using superlatives, clichés, and absolutes.

? Follow a consistent layout for the report. Use A-level (first level) and B-level (second level) headings under the section headings to facilitate easy transitions
from one topic to another. Use style element for succinctness and emphasis.

? Use APA guidelines for in-text citations and list of references.

? Include a MINIMUM of SIX (6) credible research sources.

o Your assignment will be submitted via Canvas using Turnitin, which
reviews your document for originality. For college-level research papers, you are expected to conduct YOUR OWN research, come to YOUR OWN conclusions about a topic or
issue, and present the findings and recommendations in YOUR OWN words.
o Be sure to follow the guidelines taught in the textbook to cite secondary information sources properly (using APA guidelines). MJC policies regarding plagiarism and
academic dishonesty will be enforced for papers which do not meet appropriate expectations for originality.