What is a manifesto?

What is a manifesto?

Manifestos are a published written or verbal declaration of the intentions, motives, or views of the issuer, be it an individual, group, political party or government. A manifesto is a statement to the world about one’s critical beliefs on a subject. Some artists use manifestos to define the type of creative work they are interested in producing. Some writers use manifestos to make a point about the act of creativity or writing conventions. In our case, we will write manifestos that define our approaches or beliefs in regard to academic writing.

Look at the following examples of manifestos produced by various writers and artists:
Manifesto of the Flying Mallet by Michael Hoffman
The Why Cheap Art Manifesto
Manifesto by Allan Krapow
Minnesota Declaration by Werner Herzog
Presto Manifesto by A.E. Stallings

The Manifesto Assignment:
Written Component – 60 points:
Compose a Writer’s Manifesto that conveys your critical perspective on one or all of the following questions, in whatever form you choose, which will be included in your Final Portfolio: Why does academic writing matter? What is the function of the writer in the communities you participate in and/or in the university? What is the function of the writing product (in our case, pre-writing, drafts, expository essays, response essays, argumentative essays, research essay, reflective writing)? What is the best method for composing academic writing?

Oral Presentation – 40 points:
Present your manifesto to the class in 3 minutes. Be sure to practice this presentation prior to giving it. Just reading your manifesto is not enough of a presentation. You are encouraged to use technology and/or visual aids to show the class anything that will help us understand your unique approach to academic writing.  However, please do not simply rely on a Youtube video or other visual aid without explanation.

Writing Details:
250-word minimum. You can be as creative as you wish in presenting your manifesto (a painting, a comic strip, etc.) but the words you write must be typed and posted to Turnitin.com as well, no matter what presentation you decide on.


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