What is a narrative essay?

What is a narrative essay? A narrative essay is a story, with a purpose. (But then, all stories have a purpose.) The parts of a narrative essay are:
• Introduction • Plot • Characters • Setting • Climax • Conclusion
The purpose of a story, or narrative, is up to you. It’s the central idea, or theme. So, you’ll have to ask yourself at some point in the process, what is the story about? What am I trying to say? What does this character represent, or symbolize? If I am depicting a certain moment, event, or series of incidents, what does it all add up to? In a narrative, every part of the story counts. (Be aware of your own subtext, as much as possible: how you tell is as important as what you tell.)
Narration: The choice of narrator is important because it affects every part of the story. So, select carefully: who will tell your story? The most logical perspective is usually first person, in which you make yourself the “I” in the story. Or, you can write it from someone else’s perspective — be the point of view character.
Another narrative perspective would third person, in which you are not the main character, but telling the story as an observer. You refer to the main character as “he” or “she,” instead of “I”.
Second person narration is less common — it addresses the reader as “you” — and, to some degree, involves the reader in the story.
Use descriptive words to make the moment as real as possible. The idea is for you to try and see, feel, hear, smell, and taste it. Don’t just pile on the adjectives or accumulate particulars. Choose your details with purpose, and choose your adjectives wisely. Too many adjectives and adverbs can choke your prose and make it less enjoyable. But the right amount will make a reader feel as if they are experiencing what you are experiencing, as much as possible.

Narrative Essay Assignment In 1,000 words or less, craft a well-written story. The story can be about any topic, event, or moment that you wish and can take any form that you like as long as it, generally, takes a narrative form. Due date: Nov. 29 (to be submitted in the Dropbox provided through D2L) You will be graded according to originality, precision with language, clarity of purpose and entertainment quality. Please submit your essay in 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-spaced.
Possible topics:
1. A time you got lost 2. A moment of epiphany 3. An accident 4. A favourite weather story 5. An adventure in bureaucracy 6. The baby incident 7. A person I remember 8. The hardest thing I ever had to do 9. My most memorable trip 10. My parents were right 11. A lesson in humility 12. The moment I knew I had made the right choice of what to do with my life 13. Good intentions gone wrong 14. An unforgettable encounter 15. A story you want to tell


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