What is the nature of the problem presented?

What is the nature of the problem presented?
Order Description
Read the case carefully and thoroughly.
Present at least a two page analysis of the information presented:
-What is the nature of the problem presented?
– Are there any issues in the individual’s background that may have contributed to the problem? Consider all risk factors, such as environmental , social, economics, family structure, etc. For each risk factor present, provide a well developed explanation of each.

What theories can be used to explain the subjects behavior? Can one theory be used, or a combination of theories?
Which of the following, or combination of the following theories might you apply to this case study: Rational choice theory, psychological theory, biological theory; sociological theory.

Using the principles of risk assessment what is your recommended course of action for this subject? What are the possible risks of such a plan? What are the possible benefits? What might be an alternate plan? What evidence did you use to make your decision and recommendations?

1. Case Facts
o •? A seventeen year old white male and four others (ranging from seventeen to nineteen years of age) are facing felony charges for selling a dangerous drug and third degree murder of a seventeen year old female.
o •? The female dies of an overdose after taking a hallucinogenic drug known as 25i-NBoMe, which has similar effects as LSD, while she attended a sleepover at her friend’s house.
o •? The defendant admits to being part of a drug dealing chain in his school and community as was the one that directly sold the substance to the victim.
o •? The defendant as well as his accomplices all reside in an upper-class area and heavily involved in school athletics.
o •? The defendant has no prior arrest or criminal record.
o •? If found guilty he could face more than 20 years in prison.