What is your opinion about the use of animals in psychological research

For generation, psychologists have used animals in some research. It has been argued that even sophisticated computers are not capable of modeling interactions between organisms and the environment, making use of animals necessary in research. Animal experimentation has been implemented in developmental biology, genetics, and behavioral research. Animal studies have provided a better understanding of, and solutions for, many human problems. Various discoveries and achievements in contemporary medicine relied heavily on the use of animals in some way. It is known that researchers sometimes use procedures with animals that would be unethical with humans. However, researchers are guided by established standards for sustaining the psychological and physical well-being of their animals under study. Researchers are required to weight potential benefits of the research against possible harm to the animal. Nevertheless, many anti-animal testing organizations assert that the experimentations on animals should be stopped. Others argue that animal testing must continue to benefit humanity. What is your opinion about the use of animals in psychological research? Do you think that the benefits of experimentation on animals outnumber the costs? Do you think that animal experimentation is unethical? Please conduct an independent research on this topic to substantiate your argument. Overall, you should have 6-7 paragraphs with 100 words minimum per paragraph. All regular discussions must include an original post of at least 600 words, citation of at least two (2) outside sources