“What Not to Do” Observation

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.”What Not to Do” Observation

Having read the “What Not to Do” corner, look for one or several episodes of “Reality Therapy” talk shows which exemplify the discussed what-not-to-do principles (asking too many or closed
questions and name calling). TV and Youtube are full of examples of what you, as a family therapist, should avoid (e.g., Dr. Phil’s interview with Dina Lohan, etc.). Find either one show that
represents both principles or two or more shows that represent one principle each.

Write a 2-page analysis ( excluding cover and reference pages) of the therapist behavior you have observed. In your paper, include who the therapist and client were and the overall goal of the
intervention. Also include the URL if the video was accessed online so the instructor may watch the same video to provide appropriate feedback to your work.

Factually describe the therapist’s behavior and the client’s reactions. The description should be neutral and should include only facts (e.g., the therapist said the client was lying, the client
tilted his head down and started crying). In this section of the paper, you are describing only what you observed (not your assumptions or emotional reactions to the therapy session).

Analyze the effect of the therapist’s behavior on the overall intervention goal. Analyze possible reasons for the methods chosen by the therapist and suggest what feelings the methods might have
caused in the client.

2.Health insurance and quailty

Imagine that you are the clinic manager of an urgent care center. Recently, your center has seen an increase in complaints regarding long wait times, inadequate or incomplete information from staff
during visits, and the relatively small number of insurance types accepted at the facility. Write a 2-3 page paper in which you: Examine at least three (3) examples of quality initiatives that
could increase patient satisfaction and potentially reduce healthcare cost. Support your response with examples of the successful application your chosen quality initiatives. Defend your position
on the decision to accept Medicare or Medicaid as potential pay sources for your urgent care center. Provide support with at least two (2) examples that illustrate your position. Use at least two
(2) quality references.