What solves the United Arab Emirates energy crises better? Is it Solar or nuclear energy.


need a persuasive speech that follows the proposal uploaded. I need the introduction to gain attention and interest, so be
creative in the beginning of the speech and preview the body as well. The body include the benefits of the solar energy over the nuclear
energy, I want you to be persuasive in terms why solar is a better solution for UAE, the reasons are in the file uploaded and you can add
more reasons so feel free. Insert a subheading in BOLD for every idea. Mention the solar and nuclear plants in UAE and where they are taking
place. Please ensure credibility by mentioning statistics as well because they are very important. I need you to add transitions and
connectives in the body paragraph between every idea. In the conclusion, summarize and end with a dramatic statement. Please insert in-text
citations to the content, and this assignment will be submitted in safe assign, so it will be checked for plagiarism, so please give credit
for every idea. Please use simple language and vocabulary because English is not my first language. so in general I need the speech to be
straight forward and easy to grasp. Please follow the files uploaded. The 7 sources must be
scholarly based and academic. I forgot to mention that> please highlight the thesis statement, insert subtitles for the introduction,
body and the conclusion.