What were the concepts of Classicism and who was its most famous practitioner?


answer the following essay questions in your own voice. Use examples from the textbook and class discussions. You will need to cite
your sources (i.e., Author, pg#) and include a works cited using MLA guidelines. Good essays will have an introduction, main body paragraph
(s) and a brief conclusion. Try to avoid clichés like “art is in the eye of the beholder.” Instead make arguments and back them up with
material from our reading and discussion. The essay should be one half to one page in length, double-spaced in 12pt Times New Roman. (2-3
page in length for all combined plus a works cited section) Please save your file as a .doc or .docx file type. Please proof read your
essays for spelling and grammar. Please read “how to submit an assignment” on the assignment instructions page.

1. What were the concepts of Classicism and who was its most famous practitioner? 1/2 to 1 page
2. Please choose one movement or style from chapter 15. Explain the major players in the movement and their main goals. Use examples and
terms from the reading and lecture notes. 1/2-1 page total
3. Choose one photograph not in the textbook from one of the following websites:
1) http://all-that-is-interesting.com/influential-photographs
2) http://www.worldhistorycharts.com/most-famous-photographs/
3) Think about what we’ve learned this week in particular and write about how the viewer is meant to experience your chosen photo. (Consider
for example: are there implied lines? actual lines? is pictorial texture important? etc.) Write around 1 page and record yourself reading
your paper and leading your classmates through your chosen work.
4) Upload your audio presentation
5) Upload your chosen image