When freedom of religion becomes a threat to society

1) Do you have a main claim/argument/thesis that drives the entire essay? It should be a single sentence in the first paragraph of your essay. 2) Every paragraph in the essay should support this main claim. 3) Your essay should contain evidence (e.g., quotations with proper citation) to support the main claim. 4) The essay should anticipate and respond to likely critics and counter-arguments. 5) Summary vs. Argument: Your essay should not read like a book report. Style 1) State your main claim in the first paragraph. 2) Use active, descriptive verbs (argue, claim. advance, state, assert, believe, support, deny, contradict, etc.). Avoid passive voice and lo be” verbs where possible. 3) Verb tense (usually present tense, even with deceased authors) 4) Use gender-neutral language (e.g., humankind, not mankind) where appropriate. 5) Essays should use 12-point font, be double-spaced. and have 1-inch margins. 6) Please number your pages. Use examples to strengthen argument. MAIN example for the essay should be based on the pdf article attached on Sikhism, freedom of religion and impacts on safety.