When Technology Fails Presentations

When Technology Fails Presentations
A team of no more than two students will be responsible for one presentation covering a chapter from When Technology Fails by Neil Schlager. The book is available in the library’s reserve section. Photocopy the chapter you have chosen. Your PowerPoint presentation should be an approximately 10 minute long, and it should summarize the material from the chapter. The rest of the class has not read the material, so the team’s job is to teach them the material using PowerPoint slides. Keep in mind that you are the only ones who have read the material and that you must explain everything carefully so we can understand it.

To do well in these presentations, keep the following in mind:
•    Read the chapter from Schlager several times until you fully understand his points.
•    Decide which points from the chapter are most interesting or most important. In other words, which parts should you concentrate on? You only have a few minutes, so you may need to choose the important information from the chapter and disregard the rest.
•    Do not follow the format of the chapter if it doesn’t work well for a PowerPoint presentation.
•    Concentrate on ethical or design failures. ( focus on the technology fail not the human error)
•    Use pictures (clearly documented with the URL or list of references) to help explain the author’s points. You should be able to find pictures from websites. If not, you may scan pictures from the text.
•    Do not read long passages of text in your presentation unless it is absolutely necessary and you will dissect those passages for us