Where were the women? Gender and Music in 19th century Society.

Where were the women? Gender and Music in 19th century Society.
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This class is Music of the Romantic Era, develop factual knowledge to evaluate the critical role of the musician and composer in the romantic era in 19th century.
Double-spaced, Typed-paper with footnotes and bibliography, and make an outline.
You should include two primary source studies, for example, two books of letters or memoirs by Beethoven,Chopin,Schumann,Schumann.Robert,Berlioz,Liszt,Schumann.Clara,Fanny Mendelssohn, or Wagner.
You should also include two biographies or musical studies on the same composer, for example, Beethoven,Chopin,Schumann,Schumann.Robert,Berlioz,Liszt,Schumann.Clara,Fanny Mendelssohn, or Wagner in order to back up your main points.
You might want to contrast the views of the two scholars who have written about the topic.
To what extent do you agree or disagree with the views presented in the secondary sources?
Do the authors take into account the historical and cultural background of the era?
Does the author base his or her study on primary and/ or secondary sources?
How do the sources you examined incorporate elements of the composer’s life into the background of the period?
Be sure to include biographic references and citations from each of your sources to back up your main points.