Whistle blower Phenomenon

Image of Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, reading over his speech outside of the Russell Caucus Room prepares to deliver the keynote address for the National Whistleblower Center’s briefing on ‘Congressional Oversight of the FBI’ in the Russell Caucus Room on Monday, May 14, 2007.This discussion activity will focus on the ethical portion of this week’s module notes. We discussed the need for ethical standards in the IC to prevent abuse of both American civil liberties, but also for the adversarial dignity of human rights. For this discussion, we will focus on the domestic issues of IC ethics in “spying” on Americans. To complete this activity, we will discuss the phenomenon of “whistleblowers.” Review both required videos on Edward Snowden and Thomas Drake for this discussion. Use of other IC whistleblowers may also be used, but you’ll need to provide some background on your selected whistleblower for the class. Make sure to validate your answer with required readings. You may also use other sources to strengthen your answer.

1.As you begin, review agencies within the Intelligence Community and select an individual from the IC that has openly discussed an issue they identified as a violation of civil liberties or an abuse of power. Briefly summarize their position before providing an argument in one of the following two veins. Should the actions of a whistleblower be recognized publicly and legally as an act of treason or an act of heroism?
2.After you indicate your position on this issue, support that position with details from the readings or independent research with details from the events surrounding the whistleblower.