Why Hasn’t Taiwan Been Recognized as a Sovereign State?


International Relations Theories – Why Hasn’t Taiwan Been Recognized as a Sovereign State?
Use one theoretical approach to answer your chosen question/topic (Why Hasn’t Taiwan Been Recognized as a Sovereign State?).
In order to do this, you will have to identify a key theory or approach (e.g., balance of threat theory, balance of power theory, hegemonic stability theory, neo-Gramscian accounts of hegemony, complex interdependence, deterrence theory, Kydd & Walter’s typologies of terrorism), explain the theory or mechanisms and then demonstrate the theory or mechanisms at work in your case, showing the causal relationship. Also apply the theory into the different perspectives of the different parties involved (i.e. Taiwan, China, International Organizations such as the UN etc.)
Consider: – What conclusions can be drawn based on the theory chosen? – What can we learn from the theoretical perspective applied and what do we miss out on? (whether the theory fully explains the problem or are there gaps?) – Would another theory or approach provide better insights/be able to fill in the gaps? What other theories? – What further recParch or data might you need in order to provide a more complete answer?
[This is not a counter-argument of the theory chosen, but rather addressing its weaknesses and showing understanding that there is only so much the chosen theory can explain, and that the use of another theory can fill in the gaps, or that another theory can address it more concretely.]
This assignment will give you the opportunity to highlight both strengths and weaknesses of the chosen theoretical approach in answering the question. That is, how well does that theoretical approach help in explaining or better understanding the highlighted empirical issue. Your job in this assignment is not to be right but to show that you know a theoretical perspective, its limitation and the implications of its use well. You are required to consult at least three scholarly sources (articles or books) not listed in the core reading list.
— please use ‘Balance of Power theory for the applied theory, and the other theory can be your choice. — documents uploaded are the core readings, you may or may not use them all (but ideally use at least 3 of them)