“Why is New Mexico poor and whatshould be done about it?

“Why is New Mexico poor and whatshould be done about it?
An 8-page paper


1) Double-spaced, use a 12 font.

2) 1 ½” margins on left, 1” margins elsewhere

3) At least 8 sources – half must be from sources other than the Internet.

4) Citation style – no footnotes, use the following: (Jones 1990) when using general background information, (Jones 1990, p. 8) when citing a specific fact or using a
quotefrom a certain page. Then list your sources in any standard format in alphabetical orderin a bibliography at the end of the paper.
5) No Wikipedia sources allowed
6) Indent and single-space long quotes (avoid using too many).

Research Paper Topic:
“Why is NewMexico poor and whatshould be done about it?
Part 1) How did this happen? (5 pages)
Discuss how geography helps explain why New Mexico is a poor state.

Part 2) What should we do about it? (3 pages)
Give a factual opinion on how we can improve economic conditions in New Mexico.


In Part 1

analyze New Mexico’s historical and culturalgeography for reasons for whypoverty is so common here. Use historical/cultural facts and demographic/income figures.
New Mexico has been claimed by various Indian nations, Spain, Mexico, and the United States.

As a result, New Mexicans often hold very different beliefs about whose place this is and howlife should be lived. What are some of those core beliefs? Cultural
diversity is a wonderful partof living here, but does this limit. New Mexican’s ability to agreeon how we can create a more
prosperous future?

In Part 2
provide and briefly explain a thoughtful and factual set of recommendations forwhat can be done to reduce poverty in the state. A huge variety of topics might be
consideredincluding: reducing social/cultural conflicts, improving educational achievement, changing taxpolicies, altering economic development and energy development
strategies, and reforming U.S.-Mexico Border laws. Basically, give a fact-based plan for how to reduce poverty.
Be creative and factual
There are no wrong opinions if you provide evidence and use reason.

You will never be marked down for your political point of view

The best papers must show evidence that you thought about this topic and
made a sincere effort.