Why we should drug test welfare recipients.

Self-Concept Speech Outline Form
Complete this form. Save it as a new Word (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) document as “YourLastNameHW1-1.” Upload it to the Week 1 – Homework 1 Dropbox.


I. Attention-getter:
II. Name/biographical info:
III. Central idea (Thesis):
IV. What the central idea says about you:
V. List of main points:

Transition statement:


I. Explain the central idea (what it is, how you came up with it, why it’s important).

Transition statement:

II. Second aspect of the central idea. (Tell a story about how the central idea affects you.)

Transition statement:

III. Third aspect of the central idea. (More examples, or tell how it may affect your future.)

Transition statement:


I. Review all main points:
II. Restate the central idea:
III. Clincher: