Wilbur’s Widgets needs new organizational policies

The following post has two assignments namely;

1.Wilbur’s Widgets needs new organizational policies

Wilbur’s Widgets needs new organizational policies. In this milestone, you will create a policy life cycle diagram and a policy implementation plan. Create a sample policy life cycle diagram to
help Wilbur’s Widgets’ CEO and business users understand the importance of a proper implementation life cycle.
Some of the following steps should be included:
• Assessment • Assets • Threats • Implementation • Developing • Enforcement • Communication • Risks
In addition to creating the life cycle diagram, you should also create a policy implementation plan that will help Wilbur’s Widgets prepare to implement the policies you will be recommending. Refer
to Chapter 5 in your textbook for help in creating this plan.
Feel free to use a combination of diagrams (Visio, or another visual design program) and documentation to help achieve your goal. Remember, these are intended to be given to key business players,
so they need to be professional and polished. If you use these design documents, send the original, unformatted file to the instructor or include a screenshot of the diagram in the policy
implementation plan paper.

2.Human Rights abroad

Read the textbook-International Relations. Pevehouse, Jon C. W., and Goldstein, J. S. 2017. Pearson. CH 6, pp 222 – 277.
Write a one-page essay on Human Rights abroad.