Wirtshaus Eichhof


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The Student Course Assignment:
Each individual teams will write a 1,500 +/- 10% word critical report on ONE of the following topics:
1. The major differences in structure, processes and cost control for industrial and/or commercial F&B businesses.
2. Key aspects of F&B management and personnel to exceed the customer’s expectations.
3. Key issues on F&B production, service and controlling.
General Description:
Each team of 3 students select one of the proposed topics to write a critical report on the aspects of the chosen topic. Each team is then to make the research (literature, unit visits, surveys, etc.) that leads best to the report’s aim and objectives.
1. Assessment (3. Week):
In the third week of the term, each team will make discuss and introduce their chosen subject, its content and the stage of progression of their project.
Each member of the team is required to present one part of the assessment.
2. Assessment (5. Week):
In the fifth week of the term, each team will submit their critical report in paper form (hard copy) and in an electronic version (soft copy)
In the report must contain at least 5 references from different literature and 2-3 charts that are properly referenced according to the Harvard Referencing System.
Content of the report: