Women in Combat

Write a 1 page response to the attached narrative “women in combat”. I support women in combat so ensure the writing states such.

Women in Combat. Denise and Edward are debating the new plan to allow women to officially serve in combat in the military. Denise is opposed to the idea. She says, “I think that fighting is men’s work. Men are stronger and they are more aggressive. They’re just better at fighting. Plus, it just seems better to leave women behind the lines to care for the wounded and take care of logistics.” Edward can’t believe that Denise is saying this. -You’re kidding, right? I thought you were a feminist, in favor of equality for women. I mean, if men are asked to fight and die for their country, it’s only fair to ask women to do that too.” Denise says, ‘Yes, I know that equality matters. But in this case, there are some big differences between men and women—especially their upper body strength—that are relevant to what kinds of jobs they should have.’ Edward responds, -But not all men are stronger or more aggressive than all women. There are lots of women who are stronger than me.’ -Yes,” Denise answers. But we need a general policy that creates the best fighting unit. I’m worried that allowing women into combat will have bad results.” Edward shakes his head. 1 doubt it,” he says. ‘And besides. it’s only fair to give women a chance to prove themselves in combat.’
Which side are you on? Should women be allowed into combat? Why or why not?