Women in Peace Negotiation

Write a literature review on Women in Peace Negotiation using the materials attached, and using the following points:

  • Since the UN Security Council 1325 was adopted in 2000, how has the role of women in peace negotiation been promoted in the international sphere? Mention the difference in the implementation field (i.e., even with the Resolution 1325 in place, women are still underrepresented at the negotiation table).
  • What do the studies say are the advantages of involving women in the conflict mediation and negotiation process?
  • Summarise Ellerby’s (2016) findings on the importance of having women meaningfully participate at the negotiation table.
  • Literature attached says there is a correlation between women participation and gender provisions in peace agreement. Explain.
  • What do previous study say the role of women in peace negotiation and conflict resolution should be?