World Heritage Sites

You have been asked to propose a new site or object for inclusion in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites. Please justify your selection according to at least one of UNESCO’s ten Criteria for Selection and explain why this particular site is worth protecting. You are permitted to choose any site or object, from any country, provided it is not already included on the list.

What range of meanings does your chosen heritage site or object have, and for whom? Explain the cultural significance of your site or object in relation to the various people who value it.

2. Discuss the impact of digitizing collections on public access to, and experience of, material heritage in the museum.

3. Should looted objects be returned by museums to their countries of origin? Analyse the recent debate surrounding this question, with reference to specific examples in British collections.

4. Analyse how heritage has been used as a weapon of war with reference to two specific examples. What role does World Heritage status play in protecting sites from destruction during war?
5. What role does nostalgia play in the formation of national heritage? Discuss in relation to two examples.

6. What definition of intangible heritage do we need to develop in order to assess how LGBTQ+ histories are being preserved in Britain?

7. How and why did the curators of the 2012 Brighton Photo Biennial engage with histories of squatting?

8. Analyse the relationship between entertainment and authenticity in heritage re-enactments. Discuss two examples of the ways in which re-enacting the past meets the demands of the present.

9. Why is Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site, Colorado, such a contested heritage site?

10. Critically evaluate the relationship between tourism and slavery heritage sites in West Africa.