World Hunger



Briefly describe the topic you are writing about- List the common positions (views) on
the topic and describe why the topic is an important societal issue.

Policy positions and their justification

Start you analysis by describing the various perspectives and positions on the issue.
With some topics there will only be two positions – for or against. With others the
perspectives may lie on a continuum and include moderate views. Make specific
reference to the Mappes text articles on you topic and summarize the authors’
positions, the supporting arguments used and the normative theories the authors rely

Canadian policy

Describe the Canadian perspective (policy, laws) on the issue- Describe how the
Canadian perspective was arrived at. Include relevant coat cases, legislation and
ju’isdiction issues (provincial vs- federal)- Describe how the text readings on the topic
support or go against Canadian policy- Describe how you think Canadian cultu’e and
values have influenced Canadian policy-

International policy

Describe the policy for a ju’isdiction/country that holds an opposing perspective on
the issue (compared to Canadian policy)- Describe how the international perspective
was arrived at. Describe how you think international cultu’e and values have
influenced the policy-