‘Worth Peter Eisenmon: Building Germany’s Holocaust tantoefor .

I) Compare this memorial with those established more recently for the Roma/Sono (Gypsies)
and the Lesbians/Gays These are also found in Berlin but are on a much more modest scale.
You’ll need to check the Internet for information on them. Is it a good idea to have separate
memorials for each group or should there have been lust one for all affected groups?
2) Do you think the ‘On’ lunderground place of information) is a good Idea T Why, or why not?
3) Officially, the memorial is for the six mho’, “murdered Jews of Europe’. Were all of the holocaust
victims ‘murdered’? Suggest a better and more accurate title for the memorial.
4) The Auschwitz death toll was originally set at around four million. About twenty-five years ago. this
figure was revised downward to about 1.1 million. Why is there no corresponding reduction in the
overall figure of six million? Is the Anti-Defamation Leagues answer to this question credible?
5) There are three assertions made in the documentary that are patently false. They are made by
Michael rieereverie, Lea Rosh and Gregor Gysi. What are they?